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Released from your body when you’re aroused, pheromones are airborne chemical signals that have a deep emotional effect on the opposite sex. Xcyterin helps release MORE pheromones that “turn on” the brain’s hypothalamus, making you irresistible.

Once they get a whiff of your pheromones, women will be aroused and intrigued by you.

Xcyterin stays in your system and slowly builds up, becoming stronger and stronger, so you can get aroused with just a quick glance or a slight touch. It works automatically and instantly. Your penis expands to gigantic proportions.

All-Natural Ingredients Blended

for Extreme Male Enhancement:

Taurine: A neurotransmitter that activates the sexual nerve flow in the brain. Just two capsules a day and Xcyterin does the trick.

Quebracho Macho: Made from dried stalks of a tree in the Amazon rainforest, it stimulates your libido to off-the-charts levels.

Maca: Called the Viagra of Peru, this Peruvian plant root, stimulates the production of testosterone, the primary male hormone, and releases pheromones that women are powerless to resist.


“I went from inventor to client... and it saved my marriage.”

- Dr. Erik Alfsson

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